The Marriage Contract Hogarth

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Miranda Hinkley: And it certainly looks like a very uncomfortable interior. I mean, all the characters are either engaged in some sort of monetary transaction, counting coins or looking at mortgage titles, and the bride herself looks really unhappy about the whole thing.

The only other character who is given a name is the doctor in plate III. Also, Silvertongue is not named until the final plate, VI; his name is given here for convenience.

Marriage A-la-Mode [1] [fn 1] is a series of six pictures painted by William Hogarth between 1743 and 1745 depicting a pointed skewering of upper class 18th century society. This moralistic warning shows the disastrous results of an ill-considered marriage for money and satirises patronage and aesthetics. The pictures are exhibited in the National Gallery, London .

The reason the Earl is marrying his son to a non titled family is clearly evident through the window. Work on his new mansion has ceased due to lack of funds. The architect patiently waits at the window for a resumption in activities.