Pile Of Skulls Tattoo

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Pile of Skulls Tattoo designs are very scary tattoos that mostly inked by men and women love to rub their hands their tattoos. Mostly these skull tattoos are inked on shoulders or on back body. Pile of skulls tattoo refers to massacre. In this article we will share 10 scariest skull tattoos that can make your body amazingly beautiful. As men likes girly owl tattoos on women body, women also love to have pile of skulls tattoos on men’s body.

Simply put, a skull is a mind cage. It is literally the barrier between the internal and external worlds. I like to think of mine as a VIP area at a really fancy tiki bar with my brain just chilling out in a relaxed cabana atmosphere while sipping on drinks that glow brilliant shades of neon. Totally uncool guests like dust and germs keep trying to get in, but my skull’s bouncing them all night.