Hetalia War Of 1812

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They both stood in a field. Dust blew everywhere fore there was no more plants in this field. There once was beautiful bouquet of different flowers of yellows, reds, purples, and whites; but…..America sort of blew up the area….

Ok so this is my first Factual Hetalia story. I'm hopping they are accurate I read a bunch of article's, learned in class, watched history channel video's, and have my text book for reference. Not all the details are in here, but most of them come up in conversation. This is a multichapter story and is all about the war of 1812!

(War of 1812) America would have never wanted to hurt his little brother, but he has duties to his people, and Canada is a mere casualty in his conflict with England. With York ablaze, America and Canada learn the hard way that a Nation has no control over the actions of men. A year later, in Washington, they must face the consequences.