Halloween 2016

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This year’s Halloween Doodle follows freshman feline Momo on her mission to rescue her school of magic. Help her cast out mischievous spirits by swiping in the shape of the symbols above the ghosts’ heads. And you’d better pounce fast—the ghost that stole the master spellbook is getting away!

Did you know - That Halloween is older than Christmas? Halloween dates back over 2000 years, to the times of the ancient Celt s . They lived in an area which today makes up the United Kingdom, Ireland , and Northern France. The Celtic name of the holiday that we now celebrate as Halloween was Samhain (pronounced “sow-in”). However this name varied depending on regions -  In Wales the name of the holiday was Hollantide, in Cornwall it was known as Allantide; and in Brittany it was called Kala-Goanv.