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If you haven't yet already, it's time to meet matcha. Enjoyed for nearly a thousand years in Japanese and Chinese cultures, matcha is a type of tea made from high-quality, young, green tea leaves ( Camellia sinensis ) that have been stone ground into a very fine powder.

Drink matcha, the powdered green tea that gives you an energy boost of 3-6 hours and 137 times the antioxidants of your regular steeped green tea

Meet matcha, the current darling of the tea world. This finely milled green tea powder  — the staple ingredient upon which traditional Japanese tea ceremonies were built in the 12th century — has seen a surge in popularity recently thanks to its visual appeal, purported health benefits, and beautiful, distinct flavor.  Matcha is essentially processed green tea leaves that have been stone-ground into a delicate powder. The powder is then sifted and whisked with hot water. Because of the laborious process required to produce matcha, the tea is generally pricier than others.