Food Spoilage

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Spoilage is the process in which food deteriorates to the point in which it is not edible to humans or its quality of edibility becomes reduced. Various external forces are responsible for the spoilage of food. Food that is capable of spoiling is referred to as perishable food .

We have been preserving our foods for centuries using sugar, salt and acid or by heating or chilling them, for example. Protecting foods from spoilage is essential in order to reduce food waste and ensure safety for consumers, especially in humid and tropical climates.

You're probably guilty of forgetting about groceries you bought only to open the fridge and find them a shocking shade of brown or green. Unfortunately, food spoilage is a big problem that creates a lot of waste. You can cut back on your waste by storing your food properly, planning to use foods promptly, and preserving your own foods. Not only will you keep your refrigerator a little cleaner, you'll also save yourself some money.