Biggest Sturgeon Fish Ever Caught

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A 1360-pound Kaluga Sturgeon  (aka River Beluga ) was caught in the  Heilongjiang River  in Northeast China in a town called   Tongjiang . It was reported to have been caught on Friday, May 18, 2012. On the left is a Map of China showing where the  Heilongjiang River is located.

Every sport fisherman dreams of catching “the big one,” a world-record lunker that will get his or her name forever etched in the annals of fishing history. Of course, most of us understand we’ll never realize this dream, and would instead be perfectly content to set a new personal best every couple of years. But there are people who have lived the dream—people who have landed monster fish certified by the International Game Fish Association as world records. So, to inspire anglers everywhere and keep dreams alive, here are 9 of the largest fish ever caught ( by species ).